Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A little bird told me about some great dairy advocates online

You know it's been a while since you've made a blog post when you can't remember your login. Sorry we, and I in particular, haven't been posting on here lately.

I've been much more active as a microblogger on Twitter than I have a blogger blogger on Blogriculture. But I wanted to check in and alert you to a couple of blog sites out there agriculture folks in general, and dairy folks in particular, may be interested in checking out regularly.

Dino Giacomazzi, aka @dairydino, of Giacomazzi Dairy in the Hanford, Calif., area of Kings County, has a website and blog where he shares a lot of great information about what he does, the dairy industry in general, and even provides tips for farm folks thinking about dipping their toes into the Twitter pool.

Giacomazzi links to several other websites and blogs, including one by Ray-Lin Dairy in Denair, Calif. Ray Prock, aka @RayLinDairy is just getting started with his blog, but he's also an active participant on Twitter.

Giacomazzi also links to a long-time friend of Blogriculture, the North View Dairy blog.

If you are interesting in agriculture, California agriculture, or the dairy industry, there may be no better time to check out what these people have to say. With milk costing more to produce than the farmers get for selling it right now, these people speak eloquently, passionately and effectively about their lives and livelihoods on the farm to the people lurking in the online world.

1 comment:

threecollie said...

Thanks for finding these fine dairy blogs for us. The industry needs good spokespeople telling our story. Thanks for the link as well!

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