Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Could "swine" flu have been created in a petri dish?

A scientists is offering a new theory about where the current strain of H1N1 virus, known popularly as swine flu, may have originated. In a story on Bloomberg.com, a researcher says the virus may have been a man-made error.

It's doubtful you'll be reading about that theory on website operating by activist organizations promoting the theory that large hog farms in the U.S. or Mexico must be to blame.

The Centers for Disease Control doesn't think the disease started in a lab, but the story indicates the virus may have originated in South America or Africa.

Anyone else seeing anything concrete being reported out there as to what the cause of this virus might have been?


long island girl said...

where ever this virus came from we will just hope that it will stop or end soon. a lot of people had died and suffered already. If ti's really true that this swine flu came from the lab, the people responsible for this must take the consequences that they deserve.

Gary L. West said...

According to the latest figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization and government officials, a total of 63 people have died around the globe from the disease so far. Of those, 58 in Mexico; three in U.S.; one in Canada and one in Costa Rica. Officials said the Canadian, U.S. and Costa Rican victims also had other medical conditions.

To put that in perspective, an average of 36 people died each and every day in America alone from crashes involving drunk drivers, based on statistics from 2001-2005.

More people die in 2 days due to drunk drivers in the U.S. than have died in weeks of this global outbreak which has caused changes in travel, trade, etc. The perceived risk is causing a lot more concern and panic than a known risk we all live with everyday. Do people quit driving? Do people quit drinking?

Where's the little safety mask for that?

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