Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hard times bring Softer Prices in Silverton, Oregon

Don Sellway has been a barber for forty years. For 16 of them he's had a barber shop in the rural community of Silverton, Oregon at 201 Oak Street.

"If I believe the customer is on rough times,"said Sellway, "on fixed income or out of work, the price is 7 dollars. It's as simple as that. That's not true for everybody, you gotta remember the average home in Silverton goes for $400,000. So if you pull up in a fancy car our standard rate applies."

Street parking in Silverton is still also a terrific value. One penny still gives you twelve minutes in a downtown Silverton parking meter.

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lavachickie said...

Mr. Sellway is a bit off: on the demographic information I've been able to find, median home price in Silverton in 2007 was under $240k (mean price for detached houses was a bit higher, just over $270k).

But he raises a good point -- a lot of people THINK their home in Silverton is worth way more than it is... than it ever was. We perused some homes in that area after moving here in 2005, but were rather shocked at what people were asking. And it's not exactly a hot market over there right now.

See this link: Giving your house away in Silverton, OR

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