Saturday, April 04, 2009

Best Showpigs Sale in Rickreall, Oregon

Karen & Mike Wendte brought in 64 head this year from Cornelius.

Greg & Bryson Peters, Nick and Marv Vanaken are members of the Verboort Livestock 4H Club out of Forrest Grove.

The Polk County Fairgrounds this Saturday featured the Ninth Annual Oregon's Best Showpig Sale.

The Wendte Farm among others, brought in 64 of 150 head of pigs to Rickreall this year. In a morning seminar Mike Wendte explained how to pick a good pig, and to value each one according to it's health.

Wendte explained, "The main reason we do these events is it really does help with the bio-security of the animals. Anybody can buy a pig, but they are especially popular with the FFA and 4H kids. One only needs 4 to 6 months to get them up to show weight, around 250 pounds. Most are shown at the Washington County Fair at that time."

The auction was held today at noon by John Walton.

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