Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A quick way to find the Capital Press on Facebook

I finally figured out how to make a shortcut URL for the Capital Press page on Facebook. For some reason every time I tried to do it on my computer at work I was getting an error. Either the application was fixed, or the fact that I tried it again on my home computer with a different browser and operating system did the trick.

So if you want to check out the Capital Press page on Facebook, you can go to http://companies.to/capitalpress/ and see it for yourself. Feel free to bookmark it and come back and visit often. You can even become a fan if you like.

If you've been there before, I also changed the rss feed on the page to the feed from CapitalPress.com, rather than from this blog. So there will be more frequent updates of headlines on that page.


bvents said...

Nice to see you keep up with the progress, may i suggest a linkedin group and Twiter user.
Will help you get stay in touch with more of your readers.

Agriculture Solutions said...

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