Monday, January 26, 2009

BLM tries practically giving away wild horses and can't

The Bureau of Land Management put 362 wild horses up for auction over the weekend in Utah, but only 8 of them found new homes. Total revenues from the auction: $725. That's less than $91 a horse. (Read the full story from The Salt Lake Tribune here.)

So, where was the Humane Society of the United States? Why wasn't that organization there to offer salvation to the majestic mustangs with bloodlines extending back to the Spanish conquistadors?

The HSUS spends a great deal of time, energy and money telling agriculture-based businesses how they should operate and has attracted a fair amount of press in recent years with their undercover investigations. One of their current campaigns is to ask the public to urge Congress to pass the Conyers-Burton Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, which would restrict transportation of unwanted horses to other countries for possible slaughter to be used as food.

All horse slaughter facilities have already been closed down in this country.

If the Humane Society of the US really wants to care for horses, maybe they should invest in them. According to the organization's 2006 tax exempt filing with the IRS, it had $225 million in assets, including $127.8 million in investments in publicly traded securities and $43.6 million in savings.

The organization could have adopted the whole string of 362 horses with more than enough left over to feed them with just it's cash savings.

Heck, even Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of Humane Society of the US, might have some discretionary income out of his $207,000 salary (not counting nearly $27,000 in additional benefits) to adopt a few of the horses himself — assuming he hasn't had a raise or pay cut since 2006.


threecollie said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Aww Yes another uneducated blogger crying because the USHS is supporting the will of American People that opposes horse slaughter. Seems if the Pro slaughter people would stop overbreeding and stop rewarding irresponsible people and the government would there job like pass our bills and hold the BLM responsible for even removing the mustangs with the BLM favoring the Cattle industries then we wouldnt have these ignorant blogs crying about the USHS would we. The truth is everyone was making money now the poor old auctioneer is crying the markets are down and the killers saying false stories there horses running lose all over the roads.. Geezz Get educated. Might I mention the the AVMA has also played a evil way too. But supporting a convicted sex criminal Senator Larry Craig. You know the one that got caught with his hands under another mans urinals. Or that the AMVA and the AAEP took an Oath in office to protect animals and have failed. by knowing horses were going to slaughter in mexico long before the US banned them. For more info on the sellouts visit

Gary L. West said...

Anonymous, thank you for pointing out my ignorance.

I thought I was pointing out the fact that there are a lot of horses, like the wild horses, which need homes and an organization with hundreds of millions of dollars could help care for some of those horses. I thought pointing out that since no horse slaughter is allowed in the United States and there are still animals that can't be adopted pointed out the need for people to help pay for and physically care for them.

I also thought the acronym for the Humane Society of the United States was HSUS (as in

I am glad I did not mention Larry Craig in my post because I thought he was now a former senator who pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. I didn't realize there was a sex crime conviction and that he was still in office. I also thought toilet stalls were involved in his arrest, not urinals.

I now realize that an end to any and all horse slaughter or euthanasia will solve the problem, because we, as a culture, don't eat dogs or cats in this country and that has completely solved the problem of unwanted canines and felines and all shelters are no-kill shelters.

Boy is my face red. Thanks for the education.

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