Monday, August 25, 2008

Thank you for being a fan

Earlier this month I posted a blatant solicitation for fans of our Capital Press Facebook page, and some of you have answered the call! We have 6 fans so far (including me, former Blogriculture author Elaine Shein and California editor Hank Shaw). Thanks fans and friends!

We've also set up a Blogriculture blog network on Facebook if anyone is interested in joining that.


Ian said...

I'm not a facebook kinda guy but I was wondering if you might be interested in writing or blogging about Farm Blogs From Around the World.

The reason I am writing to you from deepest France is because I run a blog (completely and entirely non-commercial) found at

At Farm Blogs I am trying to gather in one place the very best of global blogging about farms, farming and rural life.

You can find the blog roll, sorted by country (and a General Interest section).

My posts are made up of the blog recommendations from farm bloggers and I also post regular stories about world farming.

All blogs have been recommended to me by other bloggers or identified by me during my occassional browsing.

I have a pretty broad definition of farming - if you're producing food, you're a farmer, to my mind at least.

So blogs range from ranches to part-time smallholders, and resources for them.

Once recommended, I add them to the blogroll and then contact the bloggers (just as I am contacting you), asking them to send me a few words about their farm/small-holding and their blog and, critically, to recommend their favourite farm/farming blogs.

And so it goes and grows.

If you can add a link on your blog, if that's possible, to; and if you can find a moment even make a posting about and how this blog is growing organically accross the world from other farming bloggers that would be great.

Very much hoping to hear from you,

With kind regards,


P.S. I'll certainly post about you, but not add you to my blog roll, because you're not actually a farm blog.

threecollie said...

I got a page not found message when I clicked on the link for the blog group on Facebook

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