Thursday, September 06, 2007

The senator from the great state of Indecision

Idaho Sen. Larry Craig now says he will stick to his announcement to resign his U.S. Senate seat — probably.

Craig, who was the featured political scandal in the nation last week, announced Saturday he would resign, or so everyone thought. Then this week, as the nation's political reporters were looking for something else to cover as Congress was getting back to work, Craig's attorneys and staff announced Tuesday that he was going to fight to keep his seat.

Now, today comes word that Craig probably won't try to keep his seat, unless he can get his guilty plea for disorderly conduct overturned. Sure, there's a chance that could happen and maybe even a chance his GOP colleagues will forgo the political lynching they were planning and welcome Craig back with open arms.

But the world is still waiting for that off chance that pigs will sprout wings too.

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