Friday, April 20, 2007

How closely do you follow the markets?

How important is daily agriculture commodity market news to you?

The Capital Press is currently testing some market charts that show various market prices for commodities like beef, hogs, grains, and dairy prices traded on various commodity exchanges.
The test charts currently appear here on our blog site on the right side of the page.

The editors of the Capital Press staff are asking readers for feedback on whether the information listed in the charts is helpful.

The charts being tested are currently only updated after the markets close each day. However, the service we are considering for our website would give us the option of monitoring specific stocks and do updates throughout the day. We are currently considering something like three updates each day on the indicies and/or stocks.

Let us know if this service would be of interest to you as a reader. If so, would three updates a day be enough? Too much? Not enough?

If you like, or don’t like, what you see, please send Associate Editor Gary L. West an e-mail or leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on the charts or other suggestions. For example if there are certain agriculture stocks you would like us to provide updates on, that would be helpful to know. If there are commodities that we shouldn't list, like perhaps coffee or cocoa, that would be helpful too.

We are working to make our website the best online for agriculture news and information for farmers, ranchers and agribusiness industry professionals in the Western United States and you can help us do that by sharing your thoughts on what news and information you need to do your job better.

Thanks for your help.


Rich said...

I like the idea of the ticker on the sidebar, but perhaps the moves on the price of a barrel of oil should be one of the commodities's pretty much the foundation of modern agriculture, and affects the expense side of the ledger for all of us.


Gary L. West said...

Thanks for sharing your suggestions Rich. I appreciate it.

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