Monday, December 04, 2006

Buddy, can you spare a jackpot?

LAS VEGAS -- So I've been in Las Vegas a grand total of about six hours-plus. And so far, I haven't spent all my allowance. So, I count that as good. Although I did miss virtually all of tonight's NFR broadcast. So, I have no clue who did what or how the races for the various championships are shaping up after tonight's 5th round.

The good news, is there are five more rounds to go, and I still have time to get caught up. Tomorrow night, I'll be inside the Thomas and Mack Center to watch the action live.

I decided to pop by my room and was delighted to see my suitcase arrived. However, when I unpacked, I realized that my new packing style didn't prevent my freshly-pressed Western shirts from getting wrinkled. There's nothing worse than ironing a shirt twice. I hate ironing even once.

OK, maybe there is something worse, $10 minimum bets for the table games at the casino where I'm staying.

If I were smart, I'd go to bed now. If I were slightly less smart, I would leave the casino where I'm staying and look for some cheaper table games.

I guess morning will tell just how smart I've been.


Oh, by the way, I posted a new podcast, and corrected a problem with Episode 4 of the Farmers' Capital Press Agriculture Podcast. So, if you feel like checking that out, you can find it here.

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