Friday, June 30, 2006

Farm hand gets new duds

It was always easy to tell when my dad had someplace special to go. Most of the time he wore boots, cowboy boots, casual slacks or jeans, a button-down, short-sleeved shirt and a baseball-type cap. But if he had his Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes on, he was heading to town for something big.

This week the Capital Press is trying on a new set of duds, with a redesign of the newspaper and a new logo on our website.

The flag, or logo of the Capital Press has changed a lot over the years. In fact, the name of the publication, and it's mission, has changed over the years too. With the newest flag, it marks at least the 12th change in the 78 years history of the publication, or an average of a new look about every 7 years. But the flag of the Capital Press was last changed in 1994, as our executive editor, Elaine Shein, explained in the newspaper last week.

Other than a few minor cosmetic changes, the overall appearance of the newspaper has remained largely the same since the mid to late 1990s as well. However, the technology used to produce the newspaper has changed dramatically during that period of time.

So, maybe we were overdue for a fresh coat of paint. Or, perhaps a new set of Sunday-go-to-meetin' threads.

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