Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Did you want caviar with that burger?

By Elaine Shein

How much would people be willing to pay for a really nice burger?

There probably were skeptics about whether customers would be willing to pay a hefty price, even when Carl’s Jr. television commercial advertised a $6 burger and played it up as being so good that the hungry customer would ignore all else around him as he devoured this expensive fast food that used quality Angus beef.

Too many people have been spoiled as they were drawn to Big Macs at McDonald’s, or other cheap, thick burgers and all the fillings that have become part of our culture and unfortunately, our bellies.

As people chomp on their bag of burgers after exiting a drive-thru restaurant, they may have pondered what do other people eat or how much do they pay in fancier restaurants for a burger. Or they might have just pondered why they didn’t get their ketchup with the fries and should they go back for the packets. Or how does a person get ketchup off a steering wheel when retrieved packets accidentally opened the wrong way.

For those who have contemplated the meaning of life and price of burgers, a recent Associated Press story has answered the burger price question.

The Old Homestead Steakhouse in Boca Raton Resort and Club, Fl. is offering a 5.5 inch wide by 2.5 inch thick, 20-ounce hamburger made “from three continents — American prime beef, Japanese Kobe and Argentine cattle” for $100.

Yes, $100. Add tax and 18 percent tip, and the burger is $124.50.

Actually, this burger costs much more than that though. First, one needs to be a member of the Resort and Club, at $40,000 and then pay an additional $3,600 per year to enjoy the facilities, according to AP. The Make-A-Wish Foundation gets $10 off each burger sold, a nice charitable donation from this place.

Suddenly that $6 burger doesn’t look so bad, does it?

Nothing is mentioned about what slice of the price goes to the farmers who raised the cattle.

Perhaps farmers need to sell all their cattle through those Florida resorts and charge by the ounce instead of the pound.


Carl’s Jr.

Old Homestead Steak House

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