Tuesday, November 09, 2010

On reality show, California dairy helps job seekers gain confidence

The Giacomazzi Dairy in Hanford has appeared in a new reality TV show about getting unemployed people back to work.

The premier episode of "The Fairy Jobmother" focuses on the Aughes, a young Hanford couple. "It's time to get America back to work," says the show's host, Hayley Taylor, in an opening voice-over.

To get the Aughes back to work, it's necessary to restore confidence after having lived for several years on welfare, Taylor says. To accomplish that, they volunteer for a day's work at the Giacomazzi Dairy.

Duties include managing payroll records and milking cows by hand — apparently, modern mechanized milking lacks the entertainment punch of the old ways.

Watch the episode here. The dairy segment follows the second commercial break.

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