Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Big brothers are everywhere

Welcome to the New Amerika, where government entities aren't at all shy about making threats to get your money.

From Fox News:

A threatening TV commercial appearing in Pennsylvania has residents of the state spooked by its "Orwellian" overtones, and critics are calling it a government attempt to scare delinquent citizens into paying back taxes.

In the 30-second ad, ominous mechanical sounds whir in the background as a satellite camera zooms in through the clouds and locks onto an average Pennsylvania home. The narrator begins her cold and calculating message:

Your name is Tom ... You live just off of 5th Street ... Nice car, Tom — nice house. What's not so nice is you owe Pennsylvania $4,212 in back taxes. Listen Tom, we can make this easy. Pay online by June 18th and we'll skip your penalty and take half off your interest because Tom, we do know who you are.

The satellite snares its target — Tom's house — and the screen flashes another menacing line as the ad peters out:


Actually, a similar thing is happening to ranchers in Northern California's Siskiyou County, except it's not over taxes but regulatory fees. The state's Department of Fish and Game is basically telling ranchers to buy their water-diversion permits now or face prosecution later.

For more, check soon -- maybe late next week.

In the meantime, don't turn around -- the commisar's in town.

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