Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Twitter ate our blog

This poor blog is so neglected. I accept full responsibility. I've been consumed with the relaunch of the Capital Press website and refinements we've been making to it since the Aug. 1 debut.

I've also been putting at least some of the time I used to devote to blog posts into tweets on Twitter. It's so much quicker and easier to hammer out a tweet than it is to compose a whole blog post.

There so much interesting stuff happening online right now with agriculture. It's a cool time to be an aggie online with things like Tuesday's #agchat sessions on Twitter.

I had the great fortune to participate in Nick Weber's #onthefarm interview recently on Twitter. Nick posted the full transcript today. Nick, Susan Crowell and I talked about ag media via Twitter.

Thanks to everyone who offered questions during the interview and has offered feedback since. And thanks too to Nick and Susan for making the interview so interesting an so much fun.

But especially thanks to those of you who still check in here. I'm sorry we haven't had anything new in this part of the blog in a while.


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Clasamente Fotbal said...

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pariuri said...

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Biletul zilei said...

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