Monday, March 09, 2009

State bill to restrict antibiotic use in cattle

From the California Cattlemen's Association:

Senate Bill 416 was introduced last week by Sen. Dean Florez (D-Shafter), and, if passed, would prohibit schools from serving meat treated with antibiotics; prohibit the registration of any antibiotic preparations; prohibit use of antibiotics for non-therapeutic and prophylactic use in any animal raised for the human food supply, and; require state and local governments to give preference to meat supplies produced without medically important antibiotics as feed additives.

This bill, in conjunction with the Florez-chaired Senate Committee on Food and Agriculture’s March 17 hearing entitled Addressing the Public Health Impacts Resulting From the Non-Therapeutic Use of Antibiotics in Our Food Supply: Are We Creating a “Superbug?has understandably precipitated industry-wide concern.

CCA is working very hard with other animal agriculture groups to ensure a scientific approach to this policy issue, as well as a solid scientific basis for our arguments against claims (predominantly Humane Society claims) that agriculture is in any way responsible for antibiotic resistance in humans.

CCA will continue to apprise producers on the status of this issue. Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dawn Clover at or (916) 444-0845.

Update 3/12/09: For the Capital Press story on the bill proposed by state Sen. Dean Florez, click here.


Anonymous said...

Wake up Capital Press and do some homework before just posting press releases from the Cattlemen. The concerns over Rx resistance in humans is far more reaching than the policies of the Humane Society of the United States. Let's see only over 350 organizations including those "radicals" over at the American Medical Associations have taken positions on the use of medically important antibiotics as non-therapeutic means, used mainly to promote growth in livestock. Grow some journalistic integrity and start reporting the whole truth.

Gary L. West said...

Anonymous, we do our full reporting our our main website at I will add a link to this post to provide access to the story about Florez's bill in the the March 13, 2009 Capital Press. or you can cut and past in the following URL.
Note: After two weeks, only subscribers can access stories on the Capital Press website.

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