Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tulip Fest extended: video with co-owner

Late in the afternoon, Barb Iverson, co-owner of Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm at Woodburn, Ore., wandered through the fields with her camera, capturing a few more images to post on her family's website.

Weather has affected the 23rd Annual Tulip Fest that the Iverson family has held, with unseasonable temperatures — and everything from hail and snow, to hot sun and rains — impacting them.

Last Saturday the temperature soared to 80F and Iverson said she has never seen such a busy day. People flocked heavily to the farm, since the month-long festival had experienced mostly cool, damp days during this month-long festival.

Some of the tulips have been delayed by the cool weather and have yet to open, so the family has decided to extend the tulip fest until April 27.

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To see an interview Iverson did with Capital Press, click on the video below.

To see some the people that attended the tulip fest on April 17, and some of the images they saw and experiences they had, click on this video below:

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