Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Here's your sign

I'm generally not one for making predictions, but I'll make an exception today. I predict that one of the most read stories on capitalpress.com today will be a story about a grass seed farmer who's looking for a girlfriend.

We picked up the story from the Associated Press wire, and AP picked it up from the Register-Guard in Eugene, Ore. (you can read the Register-Guard's version by Karen McCowan here).

There are lots of stories on our website today, including updates on the grain and ag futures markets, a follow-up on the damage to ag land in the Southern California wildfires, but I would not be at all surprised if the most-read story turns out to be a farmer who's just looking for love and not afraid to advertise that fact while making his way down the road.

Good luck Chuck, and if you find someone, let me know if she has a single sister. And if you've got a computer, you might want to try another high-tech option that caters to farmers, which I wrote a column on back in August of 2005.

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