Thursday, May 10, 2007

Best burger in Oregon?

After my trip to see the Astoria Column and Bridge to Nowhere, I said we would talk about burgers.

As promised, I’m back to do just that. A few weeks after I arrived in Oregon, I headed to Mount Hood with a couple of friends. It was a completely random and unplanned trip, which made it even better.

On our way out there, we drove past Calamity Jane’s on Highway 26 in Sandy, and my buddy Blake insisted that restaurant has the best burgers around. We were all ready for some sustenance, and I was attracted to the name as Calamity Jane had become a nickname of mine soon after moving here. Luckily, that string of unfortunate events seems to have ended now.

I quickly turned the car around and headed back. And I’m so glad I did. Blake was right -- that place does have the best burgers around. Heck, I’d go so far as to say it has the best burgers anywhere.

The menu was a little daunting, with more than 50 burgers to choose from and three sizes. They all have a special name and unique ingredients. Like the George Washington that’s topped with sour cream cherries. Or the Hot Fudge and Marshmallow burger. I stayed far away from that.

Instead, I went with the standard All-American burger with cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, mayo and the like. I ordered the 1/3-pound version. But I also could have had a 2/3-pounder or whole pound. I wasn’t that hungry.

It turns out, Calamity Jane’s is also listed in “Oregon Curiosities,” so I had crossed that one off the list before I even bought the book.

When the waitress brought our order, I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. But it was by far the best burger I’ve ever tasted. In my years of living in Pennsylvania and New England, I never came across a burger so tasty.

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to see if any other burgers in Oregon can top that one. I tried burgers from Char-Burger in Hood River, Top o’ the Hill in Aurora, Giant Burger in Lake Oswego, McMenamin’s in Portland, and they are all really good. Just not as good as Calamity Jane’s.

So, now, I’m asking for your help and suggestions. Do you know of any really good burger restaurants anywhere in Oregon? I'm searching for the best. Please pass on your recommendations to me. I’ll be traveling the state, searching to and fro, crossing off curiosities and sampling the beef.

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Psycojumper said...

Jaspers in Medford. Fast Eddies too. Also in Medford but they have one in Grants Pass too. Jimmy's drive in,in Grants Pass. Tried one today called King Cone in Albany, OR. Skyline restaurant in Portland on Cornell. Southern WA has Norma's in Lacy. I come from LA and have eaten at Tommy's and grew up with In-n-Out. I know burgers! All these places A+ I'll try Janes in Sandy.

Linda said...

Original Burger Works in Madras, OR. It's on the main drag headed south from Madras. Their slogan is "Best Burgers West of Texas," and I would have to agree.

They also make a mean milkshake!

ChristyG said...

I will concur that Original Burger works is indeed the best burger in Oregon. Hands down, no question. Best Burger in Oregon, and as far sa I can tell, nothing in Washington has it beat either.

kristenmarthabrown said...

Gotham Tavern in Portland. OH MY!!!

Anonymous said...

George's Giant Burgers Hwy 99 in Tigard. Tough to beat.

Anonymous said...

Helvetia Tavern in Hillsboro area has a great burger.

bigmike said...

The trufflehunter in Gresham Oregon has the best burgers I've ever eaten hands down, they make their buns from scratch in the morning every day, ground chuck for all burgers, try the mountain man Burger it has Ham,Bacon,fried egg,lettuce,tomato. Yum!!

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