Tuesday, February 14, 2006

First day of Tulare comes to a close

TULARE, Calif. -- The first day of the World Ag Expo has come to a close, with buzz building about Wednesday's scheduled visit from California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But make no mistake, at Tulare the expo itself is the star.

I'm not sure how how anyone can possibly see it all and do it all in only three days. And if there is any piece of farm equipment, technology or type of service not on display at the farm show, you'd be hard-pressed to figure you what it would be. You can test drive precision ag equipped tractors that will keep your rows straight or software specifically for agribusiness.

But no trip to this part of the San Joaquin Valley would be complete without getting a taste of the region and munching on a tri-tip sandwich.

Yes, the area around Tulare is known for lots of ag commodities, including dairy milk, olives, oranges and other citrus groves, raisin grapes and nut trees, but no large gathering featuring food is complete without tri-tip.

So much for my diet, but there are also plenty of opportunities to get exercise trying to cover the World Ag Expo grounds.

I'm ready for a nap.

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