Thursday, October 13, 2005

Do farmers blog?

Do farmers and ranchers blog?

Off and on over the last several months I’ve searched for blogs that are primarily about agriculture. So far I haven’t had much success.

Sure I can find words like “agriculture” or “ranching” or “farming” in posts on some blogs out there, but to date I’ve been unsuccessful in compiling a list of agriculture blogs.

I have a theory about that. Farmers and ranchers probably don’t have a lot of time for such pursuits. Or if they do, the periods when they have time they may not have access to the Internet.

However, there seem to be blogs about virtually every other topic under the sun, so I’m guessing that somewhere in this big wide blogosphere there are a few people in the ag industry who take time to share their observations on what they know best.

So, I’m doing to turn to you for help. If you are here, you obviously have two key ingredients in this quest. 1) You have an interest in agriculture; and 2) you have Internet access.

So, if you stumble onto any blogs about agriculture, or you maintain one yourself, I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment on this page or drop be a line via e-mail. I’ll be happy to share the sites readers share with me with all of you.

And together we can explore the world of what I’m choosing to call, “blogriculture.”

So send your ag-blog discoveries to
via e-mail, and we’ll see what’s out there together.


Anonymous said...

The Elkton Farmers

Isabel Davies said...

We're out here too...

Anonymous said...


We are trying a Central Illinois Farmers blog. You can view it by going to and go to listings and there you will see our
We are using it as a tool for farmers to talk about their crops, if they need a part for their machines or just want to shot the breeze!

Walter Jeffries said...

I don't think you looked very hard. There are a tremendous number of farm and agriculture blogs out there. Everything from cattle ranchers to hog farmers (me) to homesteaders to gardeners. I would estimate that there are well over 10,000 farm related blogs. You do a disservice to your readers and you look silly making statements like this.

Gary L. West said...

Walter, I appreciate the comment (well, maybe not the part about looking silly). You may not have noticed that the post was made almost two years ago. And in my quest I was particularly looking for West Coast farm blogs to link to in the four West Coast-area states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California. There are a lot more ag-related blogs out their now than their were two years ago. And periodically we do ad some general agriculture blogs and West Coast blogs to our blog links.

Anonymous said...

Washington State Ag blog:

Celeste Bishop
Shepherd's Heart Farm

Tractor Man said...

Hi from South Africa. Even African farmers are now starting to blog. We are just starting though so will keep you updated.

Jared said...

Hello my name is Jared, I am 21 years old and have been a volunteer on a farm for four years and am trying to find a way to start a crop farm in southern IL. But I don’t want to end up in debt is there any one that could help me and my family out thank you very much

Mike Haley said...

Great post, its amazing how much things have changed since you wrote this as there are all kinds of farmer blogs now! Be sure to check out as this site is comprised of several farmers that blog across the entire country!

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